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Register with Accessibility Services

Plan ahead

Consider registering with Accessibility Services as soon as you identify you will need an accommodation. Registering as early as possible will contribute to set up your accommodations on time.

We encourage you to ideally register six weeks before your classes begin, and for accommodations that may require additional time, such as Braille textbooks or particular physical access needs, we recommend registering at least four to six months before the start of the course or program.

Registration steps

If you have recently applied or been accepted to BCIT, or are currently needing accommodation for a course or program, follow these three easy steps to ensure a smooth and successful process to register with Accessibility Services.


Prepare medical documentation

To be eligible for Accessibility Services, you will need to submit comprehensive, updated medical documentation from the appropriate treating professional confirming a diagnosis(es), the functional limitations you experience, and how they impacts your learning at BCIT.

*If you have a learning disability, additional medical documentation may be required.

Required Medical Documentation

Submit it on our online portal

After organizing your medical documentation, log into our online portal using your BCIT A0# and authentication password.


Schedule an appointment

After completing the above steps, please wait two business days and then contact us at 604.451.6963 OR to schedule an intake appointment with a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist (VRS).

During your intake appointment, you and your VRS will discuss how your disability impacts your studies, and review possible accommodations, services and supports that are available to you so a customized plan to support your needs can be developed.


The collection and review of medical documentation is to verify that a disability exists as well as to identify the related functional limitations. A diagnosis of a disorder in and of itself does not automatically qualify an individual for accommodations; documentation must also support the related need for accommodations and/or services by stating the functional limitations and impact on studies.

Find here all the important information about the required documentation:

Check out our confidentiality and guiding principles to learn more about how Accessibility Services manage the information.

Not sure what to submit?

If you are unsure of what you need to present to our office, contact Accessibility Services to arrange for a brief consultation meeting.