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Registered BCIT students and BCIT staff are able to access a free download of Read&Write for home use in addition to the use in BCIT Labs and remotely through the Accessibility Services Test Centre.

Read&Write is literacy software that students can use in higher education to help with reading, writing, study skills and more.

Read&Write has an easy-to-use toolbar that can be customized so it effortlessly integrates with common applications including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Adobe Reader, as well as PDF and other documents.

Google Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox Web browsers are recommended. If you’re ready to install Read&Write on your machine, please read the Privacy Notice and Disclosure section first, and then use the installer package below.

Privacy Notice and Disclosure

Your personal information is collected under the authority of section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). This information is used by BCIT to provide you with access to Read&Write (Texthelp Ltd.) literacy software for the purpose of supporting learning and teaching.

BCIT provides Read&Write access by requesting your BCIT email address to validate your identity and ensure that you are eligible to use the Read&Write platform. This information will be stored by Read&Write on servers located outside of Canada. We encourage you to view the Read&Write Privacy Policy.

By using the Read&Write software, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information as described above.


1. In order to access Read&Write under BCIT’s license, you must first have BCIT create a Microsoft Account that uses your email address.

2. To provide consent and create a Microsoft account, follow these instructions.

3. Wait 24 hours for the account to be created.

4. Download the software from Texthelp website.

5. To authenticate permission, select the “Sign in with Microsoft” option using their BCIT email address. Once authentication/login is complete, you will never have to log in again.

6. If you’ve not been able to download, install and run Read&Write, please refer to the associated Learning Hub page for more information.

Tech Support

In addition to contacting Accessibility Services with any questions, Read&Write also offers direct technical support through their Help Desk:

  • Phone: 1-888-248-2479
  • Email:


  • Reads aloud with dual highlighting text found in the document or on the web. Individual words are highlighted in one colour as they are spoken while the rest of the sentence is presented in another colour. That has been proved to raise comprehension levels by 20%.
  • Allows selection of preferred reading voice and pitch, speed, and volume to suit your individual needs. Check the installation instructions and the list of available additional voices.
  • Offers options of reading word-by-word, one sentence at a time, one paragraph at a time or continuously reads aloud text that is a part of an image contained within inaccessible Flash, in a locked PDF or on web pages.
  • Converts text into audio files (either WAV or MP3 files) with the use of Speech maker.
  • Reads DAISY Books aloud with dual colour highlighting.
  • Screen Masking allows us to focus on the screen or having a visual reference.
  • On-line talking dictionaries provide definitions and alternative words for a selected word.
  • If you require augmentative and alternative communication, a Picture Dictionary feature displays a visual image from Widget Symbols to better understand the meaning of the word. Text definitions can also be displayed if desired.
  • Pronunciation Tutor helps you “see” how words, including their syllables, are pronounced.
  • Translator interprets single words, paragraphs, or blocks of text into multiple languages.

Writing and self-editing

  • Can help you formulate ideas, construct sentences, prepare drafts, and finalize writing for assignments, essays, papers, and everyday use.
  • Advanced phonetic Spell Checker stimulates the analysis and correction of spelling mistakes.
  • Talking Word Processor reads text to you as you type.
  • Offers integrated dictionaries and thesauruses, suggests word choices before making changes allowing you to make a more informed decision when editing your written work.
  • Word Prediction can learn your writing style and predict the word you may want to use next.
  • Word Wizard can be used for those times when you are at a loss for a word or phrase. It also can search for words using opposites or other relationships.
  • Allows viewing descriptions of like-sounding words to ensure the correct spelling.
  • Provides correct pronunciation of each syllable of a selected word.
  • The Verb Checker helps you determine the correct verb for past, present, or future tense.

Study skills support

  • Performs math calculation with help of simple or scientific talking calculator, converses length, mass, velocity, time, temperature, and volume, as well as calculates equations within a document.
  • Fact Finder finds information on the internet easier and faster.
  • Fact Mapper helps visual learners brainstorm, map out ideas and create outlines for essays.
  • Offers coloured highlighters for highlighting words or sections of text, such as main ideas, supporting details, and vocabulary words; then extracts highlighted texts from different documents or web pages to create study guides, outline, gather information for a project or complete assignments.
  • Allows you to build a vocabulary list, a table with the words, definitions, and images representing each word.

Other including test-taking accommodation tools

  • Scans printed documents, saved images, or PDF documents into Microsoft Word, HTML or PDF format. The scanned document can be then read aloud or edited. This is ideal for scanning assignments or tests, typing answers and then reading your answers aloud to make sure that your answers reflect your actual knowledge.
  • With the easy-to-use PDF Accessibility Editor, you can set and control the reading order of PDF files.
  • Testmaker allows you to quickly create and deliver online interactive tests and surveys.
  • In addition to text-to-speech with choice of reading voice, eBook support tools include a Dictionary, Translator, Sticky Notes, Highlighters, Calculator, and Typewriter. Student-ready alternate-format versions of textbooks and core materials (e.g. Digital Talking books) can be created with the NIMAS Conversion Tool.

More information about the software is available on the Read&Write website.