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This page contains employee-focused content, and can only be accessed by the faculty and staff at BCIT. To view the content, please log in to the Loop.

We value our faculty and staff’s pursuit of successful educational experiences for our students at BCIT, and the central role that you have in connecting students with campus services, such as ours.

Accessibility Services promotes access to education and works to facilitate equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities. This is accomplished through direct support to students and through collaboration and consultation with instructional and administrative faculty.

Do you wonder if one of your students is challenged by a disability and uncertain as to how you can help? We invite you to contact us to discuss any issues that may arise and to help you problem-solve.

There is no perfect formula for alleviating all the barriers confronting individuals with disabilities. However, if each student’s needs are considered individually, then the student will encounter an atmosphere that is conducive to educational growth.

We hope you find useful the information we have put together. Please let us know any other topics or resources for which you would like more detailed information.

Check out our information about strategies to include every student and details on the accommodation process. We’ll be happy to provide you with more specific tips and strategies that address specific student’s needs.

Here’s a sample class announcement for use at term start and Accessibility Services’ exam invigilation instructions form [PDF] to accompany a copy of an exam you provide to Accessibility Services if your student(s) requested to write your exam with us.

Our Test Centre will be happy to assist you, whenever possible, with fulfilling exam-related accommodations.