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Crafting balance in your academic journey

BCIT has an excellent reputation with industries for having graduates who are professionals with diverse and comprehensive skills.  To ensure students are equipped with the necessary competencies for success in their career, our full-time programs are extensive involving seven to eight courses per term. For students with disabilities, these intensive schedules may present an additional layer of challenges, for which accommodations can be made.

When selecting a program, it is crucial to consider what balance means to you. How can you manage your well-being while meeting the academic demands that are required at BCIT? Ensure you have knowledge and understanding of:

  • Your own strengths and weaknesses and how you promote your wellness.
  • The academic requirements are to be successful in your course and/or program.
  • Your level of interest and knowledge in the program area you are choosing to ensure a maximum level of motivation.
  • Available services and resources at BCIT to support your success.


Available resources to support you