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BCIT students currently registered with Accessibility Services can access a range of information and support from our office.

If you need an accommodation and haven’t registered with Accessibility Services yet, please follow the registration steps to receive support.

Common procedures

Important information

As a student registered with Accessibility Services it is important for you to acknowledge and understand the following information:

Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP)

After completing the registration process, if you are eligible, you will have an IAP, which is the official document that outlines the accommodations have been approved for you. A copy of the IAP will be distributed to each of the instructors who are listed on your timetable for your current term, detailing the supports needed for your learning style.  The IAP adheres to our strict confidentiality policies and does not disclose any information related to your disability or limitations.

Remember to keep your accommodations updated. Students are responsible for keeping their approved IAP update each term, which is managed through the online portal. If you need to discuss any changes of your accommodations, contact your Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist (VRS) or call our reception to book an appointment to review your needs.

Students self-representation

Everyone at BCIT has a role to play with the accommodation process and this includes students, Accessibility Services, faculty, and other stakeholders.  As an adult learner, we encourage you to engage in the management of your accommodations to ensure your learning needs are being met and your educational experience is as successful and rewarding as possible.

Students Rights and Responsibilities

The BCIT student conduct outlines the policies and procedures to ensure that all BCIT students are entitled to a healthy, safe, secure and respectful learning environment. As a student registered with Accessibility Services, it is important for you to know your fundamental rights and responsibilities to assist you to accomplish your goals during your educational journey.


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