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Student Conduct

About this site

This site provides information on the Institute’s policy expectations regarding student conduct and information about the consequences for non-compliance with those policy expectations.

Integrity, responsibility, respect

All BCIT students are entitled to a healthy, safe, secure and respectful learning environment where the highest levels of academic integrity and behavioural ethics are reflected in our students’ finishing credentials.

All BCIT teaching faculty and staff are entitled to an educational environment that is healthy, safe, secure and respectful, where instructional and support efforts or not marred by academic dishonesty or student conduct that is disruptive to the learning environment.

BCIT recognizes that student success requires:

  • Compliance with Institute policy, organizational rules and standards of ethical behaviour
  • Responsibility for behavioural choices and actions
  • Respect for others within the educational environment

BCIT also recognizes that:

  • Maturity and responsibility are personal and career assets
  • Academic and career success is enhanced by learning from behavioural mistakes
  • Career success requires an acceptance of academic and organizational norms

With all of the above in mind, BCIT has developed policies and procedures to guide all members of the community through BCIT’s expectations around student participation in the academic environment.

Report an incident


Questions about student conduct policies and processes are handled through the Student Life Office. The Student Life Office is located at BCIT’s Burnaby Campus in SW1–1303.

For questions about student conduct at BCIT, contact