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Education & training

The Student Life Office provides consultation, advice, education and training on student conduct management to the BCIT community.

Need advice? Want to “trouble-shoot” a student conduct concern? Could your students or department benefit from training?

Contact the Student Life Office at to discuss your needs.

Early intervention

BCIT officials provide early intervention and correction when student behaviour violates safety requirements, disrupts the learning environment or breaches academic or non-academic codes of conduct.

The purpose of early intervention is to alert or remind students of BCIT’s expectations around safe, respectful, productive and ethical conduct.

Reporting concerning behaviour

Concerning behaviour that may not meet the threshold of a conduct violation can be referred to Early Assist. Early Assist is a confidential online platform that provides BCIT faculty, staff and students an opportunity to identify students who may be struggling personally or academically, and offer them appropriate support and services at an early stage. Early Assist is not disciplinary and is a support and referral system only. Student case managers through the Student Life Office work with faculty, staff, and students to provide service referrals and to explore informal resolutions to behavioural concerns.

Threat assessment

The Threat Assessment Team is established to ensure an integrated approach to the management of threats and other behaviours that could result in harm to members of the Institute community.

Threat assessments are undertaken by a multi-disciplinary campus team who are specially trained to analyze behaviour-related information and intervention and risk aversion strategies.

Reporting non-academic conduct violations

Any member of the BCIT community may report violations of the Student Code of Conduct (Non-academic).

Students and employees are asked to report concerns in writing by using the online BCIT Student Conduct Report Form. Reports will be forwarded to the Director, Student Success for follow-up.

Any and all reports that involve threats of violence or emergencies are to be forwarded immediately to Safety, Security, and Emergency Management (SSEM).


When a report is received, the Director, Student Success will contact the student to discuss the allegations and undertake an investigation into the details of the claim. An investigation will include a review of all relevant documents and evidence, and any prior disciplinary record. Once the investigation is complete, the student will have a right to respond to the claim. Every effort is made to find a mutually agreeable resolution to the concerns before a disciplinary decision is made.

Discipline decisions

If a violation of the Code is confirmed and depending on the nature of the infraction, the Director, Student Success will make a decision on the appropriate disciplinary outcome and notify the student in writing of the decision.


Where a disciplinary suspension is recommended, the student will be notified of the decision in writing by the President.

For more information see: Procedure for Violations of the Student Code of Conduct (Non-academic) [PDF]