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About Student Conduct at BCIT

In support of Institutional commitments, student conduct policies balance the rights and responsibilities of students with the standards and expectations characteristic of the educational environment.

Questions about student conduct policies and processes are handled through the Student Life Office. The Student Life Office:

  • Fields questions from faculty, staff, and students about conduct policies and procedures
  • Provides education regarding academic and non-academic misconduct
  • Liaises with the department to determine options for informal resolution to alleged non-academic misconduct
  • Processes the results of academic misconduct investigations
  • Provides information regarding appeal processes
  • Coordinates BCIT appeal processes
  • Refers to campus-based resources for support or assistance
  • Maintains confidential student disciplinary records

The Student Life Office does not investigate allegations of academic or non-academic misconduct, and does not make disciplinary decisions.

Non-academic conduct allegations and investigations are handled through the office of Student Success. The Director, Student Success:

  • Addresses suspected violations of the Student Code of Conduct (Non-academic)
  • Provides consultation and disciplinary follow-up
  • Reviews, revises and interprets Institute policies pertaining to student responsibilities