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For a full list of BCIT’s policies and procedures, see the BCIT Policies web page. This page provides links and brief descriptions of policies of particular relevance to BCIT student conduct.

To view the following policies, your computer must have the free Acrobat Reader installed. Download Acrobat Reader.

Academic policies

Student Regulations [PDF] – Outlines BCIT’s expectations around attendance, uniforms (attire) and student ownership of work.

Student Evaluations [PDF] – Outline how students will be evaluated and the consequences for poor performance.

Student Code of Academic Integrity [PDF] – Outlines BCIT’s expectations for academic conduct and the routes students may use to address disputed decisions.

Non-academic policies

Student Code of Conduct (Non-academic) [PDF] – Outlines BCIT’s expectations around non-academic conduct.

Procedure for  Violations of the Student Code of Conduct (Non-academic) [PDF] – Outlines BCIT’s responses to non-academic misconduct.

Harassment and Discrimination [PDF] – Outlines BCIT’s expectations for a harassment and discrimination free environment and the procedure for addressing complaints.

Responses to Abusive or Threatening Behaviour [PDF] – Outlines the procedures BCIT will follow when addressing abusive or threatening behaviour.

Sexual Violence and Misconduct [PDF] – Outline’s BCIT’s commitment to providing and maintaining a safe and secure learning and working environment, free from Sexual Violence and Misconduct.

Cannabis Use [PDF] – Outlines BCIT’s expectations around Cannabis use on BCIT premises.

Liquor Consumption on Campus [PDF] – Outlines BCIT’s expectations around the consumption of alcohol on BCIT premises.

Other relevant policies

Copyright Compliance [PDF] – Outlines how students may use copyright protected material.

Acceptable Use of Information Technology [PDF] – Outlines how students may use BCIT’s network and information technologies.

Information Security [PDF] – Outlines BCIT’s requirements to maintain information security.

Appeal policies and procedures

Academic Decisions Review Process [PDF] – Provides details as to the types of decision reviews a student may seek.

Grade Re-Assessment [PDF] – Provides an overview of the procedures to be followed to request a re-assessment of a grade.

Decision Review Boards [PDF] – Outlines the purpose and procedures for adjudicating academic appeals.

Institutional Appeals Tribunals [PDF] – Outlines the grounds and process for appealing a decision of the Decision Review Board.