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Start your career with the specialty diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Manufacturing option.

Fall 2021 delivery mode: in person

  • This program will be delivered in person for the fall semester.
  • We have put measures in place for your safety and well-being, ensuring that all safety protocols are addressed. Please see the BCIT COVID-19 page for details on the procedures that have been implemented.

Your education is our priority and we will continue to deliver the applied instruction, collaborative experience, and industry connections that you expect from BCIT.

The program

Mechanical Manufacturing is one of the three options in Mechanical Engineering Technology. The Mechanical Engineering Technology program is a two-year program designed to provide graduates with a solid understanding of the principles of mechanical engineering and to develop problem-solving skills. Following the completion of a common first year, students select one of four areas of specialization. All students in the program receive training in engineering design, computer applications, computer aided design (CAD), manufacturing processes, communications, materials science and applied mathematics in addition to their selected specialty courses.

Graduates of the mechanical engineering program possess a variety of skills that are valued by employers. Mechanical engineering technologists find employment in broad range of industries and a variety of roles. Graduates are employed in design, application engineering, technical sales, manufacturing, plant engineering, construction and inspection.

Manufacturing Technology Option

Manufacturing requires knowledge of production technologies, process automation, and material properties as well as modern manufacturing management strategies such as Material Resource Planning (MRP). To stay competitive, modern manufacturers have to participate in “design for manufacture.” It is the role of the manufacturing technologist to be involved in the entire design and production cycle of a product. This program provides its graduates with the necessary knowledge to embark on a rewarding career in mechanical manufacturing.

Students participate in an industry-sponsored project in the second year of the program. The industry project is an integral program component required for completion and certification. Students may be required to participate in work experience activities at the industry sponsor’s regular place of business.

All mechanical engineering technology students receive some exposure to topics from each of the options. Enrolment into each second-year option may be limited to ensure optimal class sizes. Regardless of the option chosen, all graduates will possess sufficient knowledge and skills to pursue career opportunities over the wide range of industries covered by mechanical engineering technology.

Entrance Requirements

Find out more about getting started in the program!

If the Mechanical Manufacturing program interests you, review the entrance requirements. If you have questions regarding the entrance requirements and equivalents, please contact Program Advising.

If you qualify, you may want to attend an information session or spend-a-day exploring the program. You’ll meet students and instructors and get a hands-on feel for what the program is about.

Advanced Placement

Costs & Supplies

Find out how much you will need to complete your diploma in Mechanical Manufacturing!

The information below will help you determine the cost of taking the program and assist you in developing a budget for your two years of study. If you have concerns about being able to afford the program, please visit Financial Aid to learn how you may benefit from financial assistance.


Program Details

Graduating & Jobs

Job opportunities

A wide variety of employment opportunities are available in designing and manufacturing equipment used in industries, such as energy production, transportation, forestry, wood processing, mining, electronics, plastic processing, and food production. The duties of a manufacturing technologist include production planning, tooling and product design and manufacturing, process automation, cost estimating and manufacturing management.

Faculty, Advisors & Staff


Stephen McMillan, MEng, PEng
Program Head, Mechanical Manufacturing
Tel: 604-432-8280

Mohammad Alemi, PhD, PEng
Tel: 604-456-8044

Vahid Askari, PhD, PEng
Tel: 604-431-4906

Henry Chang, PhD
Tel: 604-432-8923

Olivian Ciobanu, PhD, PEng
Program Head, Mechanical Design
Tel: 604-451-6831

Skai Edwards, MSc, PEng
Tel: 604-432-8541

Johan Fourie, PhD, PEng
Tel: 604-453-4013

Sirine Maalej, PhD, PEng
Program Head, BEng, Mechanical Engineering
Tel: 604-456-1248

Neil Munro, BASc, PEng
Program Head, Mechanical First Year
Tel: 604-453-4014

Taco Niet, PhD, PEng
Tel: 604-456-8032

Koorosh Nikfetrat, PhD, PEng
Tel: 604-451-6829

Cyrus Raoufi, PhD, PEng
Tel: 604-432-8331

Martin Strange, BEng, PEng
Tel: 604-432-8332

David Stropky, PhD, PEng
Tel: 604-451-6827

Mehrzad Tabatabaian, PhD, PEng
Tel: 604-456-1104

Rageey Youssef, PhD, PEng
Program Head, Mechanical Systems
Tel: 604-432-8638

Assistant instructors

Brian Ennis, BTech, MEd, AScT
Assistant Instructor
Tel: 604-451-6830

Adrian Fengler, DiplT, AScT
Assistant Instructor
Tel: 604-451-6725

Brian Gaensbauer, BTech
Assistant Instructor
Tel: 604-432-8663

Shervin Jannesar, PhD
Assistant Instructor
Tel: 604-456-1252

Mavis Mitchell
, DipIT
Assistant Instructor
Tel: 604-432-8330

Ali Mohammad-Vali, BEng, PEng
Assistant Instructor
Tel: 604-432-8971

Technical staff

Christopher Townsend, DipIT
Tel: 604-451-6724


Brent Dunn, MEng, PEng
Associate Dean
Tel: 604-432-8755

Courtney Neish
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 604-432-8274

Carmen Chen
Program Assistant
Tel: 604-451-6868

Advisory committee

An advisory board of experts in this field, from some of B.C.’s top companies, helps us keep our program and courses up to date with the latest research and industry trends.

Erwin Bartz
Murray Latta Progressive Machine Inc.

Richard Crauford
Janox Fluid Power Ltd.

Raphael Hamm
Hammer Autosport

Peter Hoemberg
Trane Canada U.L.C.

Ken Jensen
Wexxar Packaging Inc.

Todd Macey
Kadant Carmanah Inc.

Steve Pratt
Vanrx Pharmasystems Inc.

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