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Part-time Studies Orientation

Information & support services

Welcome to BCIT Part-time Studies!

We provide new and returning part-time students with important information on how to access BCIT administrative and other services.

In response to the COVID-19 health emergency, BCIT has transitioned all regular in-class courses to online delivery. There are three types of online course delivery: synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid/blended.

Courses that are synchronous require regular attendance to weekly scheduled lectures and provide real-time interaction with your instructor and classmates. Class days and times are as noted on the course registration information. There are scheduled assignment due dates and exams which you will want to make a note of.

Courses that are asynchronous have been specifically developed for distance online delivery. There may be some scheduled activities during the course, but generally you will follow the instructor week by week as you move through the course content, and post questions to the instructor from within your course. There are scheduled assignment due dates and exams which you will want to make a note of.

Hybrid/blended courses have both online and in-class components to the course. You should receive course scheduling information before your course starts. Please familiarize yourself with, and follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines implemented by BCIT before coming onto campus. You will find this information at

Check carefully that your course fits your schedule. If you’ve registered for a course showing scheduled class times, you need to be sure you’ll be available at those times on those days. If not, many courses have an asynchronous online course section that is more suitable to those who require flexibility in their course schedule.

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