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Considering an online or independent study course? To succeed, you need many of the same skills you’d use in a classroom. You must:

  • be organized
  • take responsibility for your learning
  • be self-directed
  • communicate effectively

Computer literacy is especially important in an online learning environment. You will need basic skills such as:

  • sending and receiving email with attachments
  • searching the web
  • formatting documents
  • opening Adobe Acrobat .pdf files
  • downloading files

The Learning Hub is BCIT’s online learning platform. You’ll use it to view lecture notes, class updates, assignments, and resources posted by your instructor. You can also participate in class discussions and access quizzes and exams.

Preparing to learn

Course materials

Your instructor will let you know whether you will need to buy course materials or textbooks prior to your course start date. The cost of course manuals, materials, and textbooks are not included in the course fee. Textbooks and materials can be ordered from the BCIT Bookstore. Visit the Bookstore’s Distance & Online store to generate a list of required materials.

Technology requirements

Computer requirements vary by program. For most students, a basic computer meeting minimum requirements is all you need, but there are exceptions. Review our recommended student technology requirements, and check your program page for any additional requirements.

Use the Learning Hub System Check to ensure your computer system is properly configured for our online courses. It verifies your browser version, browser settings and display settings on your computer.

Technology discounts

As a BCIT student, you are eligible for educational pricing on computers and other technology.

For more information about what it’s like to learn online or through distance education, check out the Flexible Learning Student Guide.

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