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Assignments and exams are sometimes handled differently online than they are with in-person learning. Typically, your instructor will inform you of exam dates and time.


Online courses

Generally, assignments are completed and submitted online from within the Learning Hub. Your instructor will review and send their feedback to your course mailbox. Other students are not able to view either your assignment submission or instructor’s comments.

Correspondence courses

Assignments may be submitted to a marker, tutor or instructor—depending on the course—who marks and returns assignments to you. Assignments may be submitted by e-mail. Return times will depend on the schedule of the marker, tutor or instructor.


Many online and distance learning courses have mid-term and final examinations.

Choosing a proctor

Some courses require you to nominate a proctor to supervise your exam session. A proctor ensures that all examination procedures and criteria set by BCIT and your program are adhered to—a process that is often referred to as invigilation. Your examination and instructions will be sent to your proctor who will then invigilate you for the period of the examination, verify invigilation criteria, and return your examination to BCIT for marking.

The person nominated should be a registered professional or a known testing service (e.g., college or university test centre). Registered professions include: educator, librarian, faith leader, nurse, hospital technologist, accountant, professional engineer.


For term-based courses, examinations may be scheduled for selected weeks in the term (e.g., weeks 5, 7, 9 for midterms and week 13 for final exams). Other courses may allow you to choose a date for your examinations.

Most programs publish a student handbook that provides further examination information to students registered in distance learning courses. Your course outline and program area staff will also have detailed information about examinations.

For more information, contact your department’s Program Assistant [PDF]

School of Health Sciences exams

Some School of Health Sciences students living in the Greater Vancouver area may be required to write exams at a pre-scheduled date and time at the BCIT Test Centre. If the pre-scheduled exam dates unavoidably conflict with your work schedule, permission may be granted to schedule an alternate date or time with the Test Centre. Please see the BCIT Test Centre website for invigilation service and fee information.


You must receive permission from your program area prior to scheduling an exam session with the Test Centre.