Parking at BCIT

Staff parking: In light of recent events surrounding the COVID-19 response, Facilities Services is, effective March 20, 2020 and until further notice, allowing BCIT staff with current valid parking permits to park in any staff lot at BCIT, Burnaby campus, without repercussion. Additionally, any tickets issued as of March 16, 2020 will be voided.

This change helps those BCIT staff still onsite who need to be mobile and close to different parts of the campus. There is currently plenty of capacity in staff parking lots due to BCIT’s transition to online learning delivery and employees working from home.

Our parking office window is closed until further notice. Assistance will be provided by email and appointments only (please send requests to

Providing parking facilities for employees, students and visitors. We are here to help you navigate to, from and on campus with as little confusion and frustration as possible.

Specific parking questions? Contact the Parking Coordinator.

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Get the App - Safety Wise

Safety Wise, the official safety app of BCIT, features campus maps, GPS directions to your designated parking areas/lots, the safer walk-out program, emergency contacts, and much more.

Download the Safety Wise App

Download the app here to get notifications on road closures and parking lot closures. To download click here: Android & Apple

If you ever feel unsafe on campus please contact Safety & Security Emergency Management at 604-451-6856 or find your way to the closest Code Blue Station, located throughout all BCIT campuses.

Safety Walk Program

BCIT provides a Safer Walk program to walk employees, students and visitors to their destination on campus.


A Safer Walk is available 24/7 at the Burnaby, CARI, Downtown, and Aerospace Campuses. A Safer Walk is available at the Marine Campus from 7:00am - 10:00pm, Monday to Friday.

How to request

Call to request a Safer Walk or use an Code Blue station telephone or BCIT service telephone.

Security Patrols
All parking lots are patrolled by contract Security. The Burnaby Campus also has Student Bicycle Patrol. To provide a better service these patrols are conducted on bicycle, by vehicle and on foot. BCIT works closely with the local police authorities and ICBC to enhance parking patrols and crime prevention initiatives.

Code Blue Stations
BCIT has implemented an ongoing program of providing emergency communications at campuses in order to provide employees, students and visitors the ability to summon assistance.

The emergency communications include emergency telephones in parking lots, walkways, elevators, and in-house telephones. These phones are operational 24 hours 7 days a week.

Emergency Telephones can be used to:


Any motor vehicle parked, operated, or driven on a BCIT campus shall be solely at the risk of the owner and the operator. BCIT shall not be liable for any damage occurring to any such motor vehicle, vehicle contents, operator, or any other person.

To help prevent theft from vehicles, please ensure that valuables are not left in vehicles or are locked in the trunk. Even better, leave valuables at home.

Auto Insurance Coverage

ICBC asks us to remind students attending post-secondary institutions away from their hometown, of the need to re-evaluate the correctness of their auto insurance coverage.

A student coming from an area where accidents are generally less prevalent will likely be improperly or under-insured for coverage in the Lower Mainland. Many students and parents would not necessarily think of this until problems arise. In the case of an at-fault injury accident, this could have devastating consequences.