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555 Seymour Street, Vancouver   Aerial View Map [PDF]

The Downtown Campus offers paid parking with the following services:

Parking ticket dispensers

  • Parking ticket dispensers at the downtown campus provide “pay by license plate customer service”. The customer inputs license plate, makes their payment and retains the ticket receipt for proof of purchase.
  • The parking ticket dispensers accept credit card options only, including prepaid credit cards.
  • The parking ticket dispensers are located inside the parkade at the levels adjacent to the elevator.

Parking rates

Monthly parking:

Vehicles – Public parking 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. – $210.00 (taxes not included)

Public transportation

Employees and students are encouraged to use public transportation and car pools whenever possible. For further information please refer to the Translink website.

Parking penalties

  • First offence $85.00 fine ($65.00 if paid within 7 days).
  • Second offence $85.00 fine ($65.00 if paid within 7 days).
  • Third offence $85.00 fine ($65.00 if paid within 7 days) and vehicle is towed at the owner’s expense if previous ticket is unpaid.

If you feel you have grounds to appeal a parking penalty, present your appeal to Imperial Parking Canada Corporation.