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BCIT provides designated electric vehicle charging stalls for staff, students, and visitors, on a first-come-first-serve basis. They are located at the Burnaby, Aerospace Technology, Center for Applied Research and Innovation (CARI), Downtown and Marine campuses.

Vehicles parked in these designated stalls must be electric vehicles charging and will display proof of payment. (Electric vehicle stalls are not to be used as parking areas without charging.)

These charges are part of a BCIT Applied Research Facility and are maintained on a best-effort basis. Please do not rely on the chargers to be available, or to provide a full charge.

Electric charging station locations:

EV charging etiquette

Please remember these EV Etiquette Rules:

  • If you’re not charging, don’t block the charger.
  • Be smart with your charging time, occupying a charging spot after you’ve finished charging is rude.
  • Use only the charge cable from the front of your stall – do not take a charge cable from another stall.
  • Practice safe charging, which means properly managing the cord. Neatly wind the cord on its holder, and tuck it in so people will not trip on any excess length, or drive over it.
  • Leave the station as good, or better than you found it.