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BCIT campus parking lots

Burnaby campus

3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby

Parking lots

  • Staff parking areas accommodate faculty and staff. These Staff lots are numbered.
  • Public/Student parking areas accommodate students and the general public. These Public/Student lots are lettered.
  • Visitor parking areas accommodate any visitor to campus wanting flexible hourly options. These Visitor lots start with the letter V.

Drop off zones

Parking penalties

Concord penalties apply to all Concord-managed lots. On the 3rd outstanding offence, you will be ticketed and towed. If you have grounds to appeal a parking penalty, present your appeal to Concord. To prevent possible violations, please make sure that your license plate is visible at all times.

  • First offence $85.00 fine ($65.00 if paid within seven days).
  • Second offence $85.00 fine ($65.00 if paid within seven days).
  • The third offence is an $85.00 fine ($65.00 if paid within seven days), and the vehicle is towed at the owner’s expense if the previous ticket is unpaid.

Key Concord Parking contacts