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Kick Start & Program Orientation

Welcome to BCIT!

Kick Start is BCIT’s orientation programming, designed to help all new and returning students settle in to the start of their new term. Attend your program orientation and learn about your new community and the various resources that you can tap into during your time at the institution.

Student Success Hub

At BCIT, we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to succeed, both personally and academically, and we don’t expect you to do it alone. BCIT has a wealth of resources that are available to help you thrive. The Student Success Hub is a central resource for all BCIT students, designed to make the many sources of information and support easier to find and navigate.

Program orientation

Whether you’re a new or returning student, If you are registered in a program at BCIT, the first step at the start of each new term is to participate in your program orientation. This is where you can meet your classmates and instructors, and learn more about your courses and what to expect during your upcoming term at BCIT.

If you are a full-time studies student, your program orientation details should be viewable in your schedule through your Banner Self-Service account.

Additional Information for International students

Visit International at BCIT for details on International Orientation. The International Student Orientation is for all new international students beginning a full-time program at any BCIT campus in September 2022 (including incoming exchange students).

Additional Information for Part-Time Studies Students

Visit the Part-Time Studies Orientation webpage to find out all you need to know to prepare for your part-time studies experience at BCIT.

Finding your way around campus

Make sure you’re prepared for your first day of classes by familiarizing yourself with your campus so you feel comfortable getting to where you need to go.

Campus Maps

Aerospace Campus Map

Annacis Island Campus Map

Burnaby Campus Map

Downtown Campus Map

Marine Campus Map

Food Services

Are you wondering about where to find food on-campus? Visit Food Services for dinning location maps, hours and more.

Even with a map, navigating campus for the first time can still be confusing. Don’t be shy about asking for directions in-person or, if you’re on the Burnaby Campus, sign up for a campus tour!

Kick Start campus tours

Are you a new or returning student wanting to get familiar with the Burnaby Campus? Join us for a tour of campus where you can meet other peers and learn about the range of services and supports available to you as a BCIT student!

Tours will be offered throughout the last week of August and first week of September 2022. To register, visit the BCIT Calendar, or click on the event links at the bottom of this page.

Get involved

At BCIT, academics aren’t the only factor that contribute to student success.

Kick Start calendar of events

Kick Start activities don’t end on your first day. We have activities planned for you throughout the month of September to help you ‘kick start’ your BCIT journey.

Check out the September 2022 Kick Start Calendar of Events for full details on events and activities available to all students on all BCIT campuses. You’ll be invited to connect with your peers and learn about the many services in place to help you succeed during your time here.


Use your experience as a BCIT student to support new students on their first day! Volunteers are recruited in late July/early August to help out with various activities on the first day of programs in September, and for the start of part-time studies classes during the second week of September.

Volunteer registration closed on August 1st, 2022.

Stay connected

Make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities to connect with your peers and make the most of your BCIT experience. Download the myBCIT app to keep track of events, get answers to any questions that you may have, and connect with the BCIT community.

You can also stay social by following the BCIT Student Life Facebook and Instagram pages where you will find more information about events, services and supports available at BCIT.

Upcoming Events