Kick Start and Program Orientation

Welcome to BCIT!

Kick Start is a month-long event full of activities to help you settle into BCIT. Attend your program orientation on the first day, participate in a Kick Start tour and join us at the Kick Start Services Expo and Clubs Corridor to learn more about your new community and the various resources you can tap into during your time at the institution. 

Program orientation

Now that you're at BCIT, the first step is to attend your program orientation. This is where you can meet your classmates and instructors, learn more about your courses and what to expect during your academic pursuits. Your program orientation is only one part of your first day at BCIT. Be prepared to spend the rest of your day after your program orientation on a campus tour and attending the Kick Start Service Expo.

Winter 2019 Program Orientation is on January 2nd

Check your
myBCIT : Check Course Schedules in December for your Program Orientation details. 

International Students

Visit International at BCIT for details on the Winter 2019 International Orientation. The International Student Orientation is for all new international students beginning a full-time program at any BCIT campus in January 2019 (including incoming exchange students).

Kick Start wayfinding stations

It's your first day, but you don't know where to go? Look for one of our Kick Start Wayfinding Stations situated at the main entrances to all five BCIT campuses and at various spots across campus the Burnaby Campus, and ask one of our Kick Start volunteers to guide you.

Don't forget to download the Student Services Wayfinding Guide before you arrive, which highlights key services available to you at BCIT - it'll be a lot easier to find your way around campus. 

Kick Start campus tours

Once your program orientation finishes, join our Kick Start Tour Leaders on a guided tour of the Burnaby Campus. Get a sense of where all the services are located, spend time with fellow classmates, receive program specific information from your Kick Start Tour Leader and make your transition into BCIT as smooth as possible.

Get involved

At BCIT, academics aren't the only factor that contribute to student success.

Clubs Corridor

Nurture your interests - visit the Clubs Corridor on the Burnaby Campus in building SE2 to get an overview of the clubs and activities that you can get involved with during your time as a BCIT student.

Kick Start Services Expo

Being a student can be challenging, and sometimes we need support from others to help us succeed. Check out the Kick Start Services Expo in the Great Hall, building SE2 on the Burnaby Campus, and connect with a range of FREE student services that are available to support you.

Kick Start calendar of events

Check back in December for a full listing of the Winter 2019 Kick Start Calendar of Events. 

Kick Start feedback

BCIT's Student Life Office would like to hear about your Kick Start experience! Please take a moment to give us your Kick Start Calendar of Events Feedback. This will help us to continue to expand and improve the welcome experience for all new BCIT students.