Welcome to the BCIT Community!

At BCIT, we prioritize student success and work to provide all students with opportunities to meet the challenges of their chosen area of study and to achieve their goals for attending. There is a reason over 90% of BCIT graduates are employed - our programs are rigorous and employers know that. From the day you receive your acceptance letter to the day that you graduate, you've got this and we've got you. 

Newly Accepted: Prepare to Succeed at BCIT

If you're newly accepted be sure to check out and complete the Next Steps for New Students. These steps are important as they will ensure you haven't missed anything before you start your courses.

Kick Start events and activities include information about your Program Orientation, International Orientation. There are lots of opportunities to meet new people, get to know the range of available student services and take Learning Commons workshops to brush up on your study skills. Many students describe the need to "learn how to learn" prior to starting their BCIT courses or programs. Learning Commons workshops are an excellent way to kickstart your academic success!

Check out Student Services for everything you need to know about being a student and to learn insider tips.

Presidents' Welcome


Welcome to BCIT. In your time here, we hope you will take advantage of all the great student resources we have to offer. Whether it's coffee at the Rix, coffee at the Stand, or coffee at Tim Horton's, we're committed to providing a multitude of caffeinated options to help keep you focused throughout your day.

But seriously, we know you're going to be busy this year and we want to support you throughout your time at BCIT with resources such as BCIT Recreation Services, Counselling and Student Development, and the BCIT Library and Learning Commons.

As you take the skills you gain at BCIT and apply them in the workforce, you will shape the future, making a difference in the lives of British Columbians.

We are inspired by your achievements every day – and we wish you the very best for success in your education, and in your career.

Kathy Kinloch

Matthew May
BCITSA President