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Library Policies & Service Standards


Service standards

Our mandate

The Library is the central repository of digital and printed information resources that strengthen BCIT’s teaching, learning, research and international agenda. The division provides services and facilities, through the Library, Learning Commons and ehPod, to enhance the ability of students, staff, and faculty to be successful in their learning and teaching at BCIT.

The Library provides management and professional services to BCIT schools and departments in the areas of records management, historical archives management, copyright compliance, access to information, and privacy protection via the Office of Records Management, and issues the official student ID through the BCIT ID card service.

Quality service standards

We will:

Provide relevant and current services and collections which support BCIT’s diverse curriculum.

Provide a learning environment suited to the diverse needs of BCIT’s students.

Timelines Provide accurate and timely information and services.

Ensure access to services and information is available in person, by website, phone and email.

Promptly advise customers of issues or problems that affect the use of services and facilities.

Responsiveness Seek out feedback on services and resources and respond to requested changes.

Strive to meet the needs of all BCIT’s users in regard to access to information, resources and services.

Set service hours which take into account the student, teaching and research requirements at each campus.

Commitment Ensure accuracy, courtesy, fairness, clarity, and respect for privacy and confidentiality.

Help us serve you better by:

  • Using services and resources in a collegial and respectful manner, and abide by conditions of use.
  • Planning your service needs, making your requests as early as possible and presenting all the required information clearly.
  • Providing constructive feedback on our services.

We welcome your feedback

  • Write to us using our online comment form
  • Fill out a feedback card available at various locations in the Library
  • Make your comments in person to the Director of Library Services, SE14–201D