Permits and Visas

As an international student, you will require a permit and/or visa to begin and complete your studies at BCIT. The following are some of your options:

Study Permits

Do I need a Study Permit?

When can I apply for my Study Permit?

Before I apply, what do I need to know?

How do I apply for a Study Permit?

Option 1: In-person
Option 2: Online

There is no guarantee of acceptance when you apply for a Study Permit. You should not purchase airline tickets or quit your job (or any such preparations) until your Study Permit is approved.

When do I renew/extend my Study Permit?

  1. Find out when your Study Permit expires.
  2. You must renew/extend your Study Permit within three months of the expiry date
  3. You must request your Letter of Verification from BCIT’s International Student Centre. There is a $15.00 CDN fee. (Rush requests require a $30.00 CDN fee)
  4. Download your Study Permit Renewal Application Package
  5. Application processing typically takes 4-6 weeks

What if my Study Permit is declined?

Visitor's Visa (Temporary Resident Visa)

Do I need a Visitor's Visa?

Do I need a medical examination?

Can I visit the United States during my stay in Canada?

Work Permits

Permanent Residents (Landed Immigrants)