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The BCIT credential laddering model allows students to complete a BCIT credential and then continue their education or seek employment. Students may also return to further their education at a later date.


  • 30 Credits at an average of $300 per credit
  • A specialized training program, combining the applied theory and practical skills to work in a particular field.
  • Ability to take one course (or more) at a time, over a period of months or years.
  • Graduate with an Associate Certificate or Certificate credential.


  • Intense, longer programs of study
  • 91% Employment Rate
  • 120 credits at an average of $300 per credit
  • Studies combine applied theory and practical skills.
  • Generally completed through full-time studies.

Advanced studies

  • Designed for the college, technical institute or university graduate
  • Recognized as a mark of excellence by business and industry
  • Highly specialized advanced training programs build on prior education and experience

Bachelor’s degrees

  • 98% employment rate
  • A recognized bachelor’s credential and practical training for job readiness.
  • Focused on applied learning to ensure that students graduate not only with theoretical knowledge but also with the competencies to apply that knowledge to the workforce.
  • All BCIT degrees include academic specialty courses, management studies, and liberal studies.

Master’s degrees

  • All BCIT master’s degrees include coursework and a research component and resemble traditional models in their quality and rigour.
  • However, a distinct BCIT applied education is embedded into the degree structure.
  • Coursework includes both advanced studies in the particular area of study and study of professional practices such as intellectual property, product commercialization, and project management.
  • The applied research component consists of two research courses and an applied research thesis or project.