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Mission, vision, and values


The mission of the First Responder Career Development Program is twofold:

  • To help first responder organizations identify and forecast the professional development needs of their employees, and
  • To develop and provide custom designed, relevant, and transferable training that addresses the professional development and education needs of first responders.


To be a trusted and valued partner in the identification, design, implementation, and delivery of professional development opportunities for First Responders in British Columbia.


The First Responder Career Development Program recognizes the importance of professional development training to help first responders be successful and progress in their careers.

As a program we value:

  • Mutual respect, transparency, and integrity in our relationships and partnerships with industry.
  • Accountability, innovation, and excellence in the development and delivery of exploratory projects and industry tailored programs.
  • Passion and unwavering commitment to serving the needs of those who serve British Columbians.