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Experience-Based Placement

Experience counts

Leverage the expertise you gained outside of traditional academic programs. Through assessments offered by Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) and Advanced Placement and Prior Learning (APPL), your work experience and skills are evaluated for opportunities to grant exemptions for specific courses or provide advanced standing in select BCIT programs.

How it works

Applicants, through a review of their work experience, may qualify for an experience-based placement in BCIT programs. Applicants are required to submit relevant documentation to the PLAR Advisor, who creates a case for the department to review. If approved, applicants receive advanced standing or direct entry into a program.

Who this is for

You may be eligible for Experience-Based Placement if you are:

  • An adult learner with a combination of international and/or Canadian post-secondary education and professional international and/or Canadian work experience
  • In the military or a veteran
  • A new Canadian or recent immigrant
  • A tradesperson

If you have enough work experience, you may qualify under one of the following categories:

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