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Resources & Supports for Employees

During this unprecedented time in our history, as information changes hourly and daily, it can increase the uncertainty that we are feeling. At the same time, as we adjust to the new way of working, we may experience increased levels of anxiety.

As we move towards a new normal, we would like to remind you that resources and supports are available to employees, and we encourage you to review the information provided here and access the resources available to you.

Quick-read articles

Online courses & videos

Homewood Health On-line Course – Resilience

  • Resilience is the ability to face life’s challenges, cope with disruptive change or catastrophe and, are better equipped to cope with stress that comes up. This on-line, self-directed course, features video segments of a psychology expert and four people learning to become more resilient. The course features before-and-after testimonials, interviews with a psychologist, and step-by-step exercises. To access this course, you will need to register for Homeweb.

The Not Myself Today employee portal (login required):

YouTube videos:

  • An Astronaut’s Guide to Self Isolation – Chris Hadfield (2:06 minutes)
  • Introduction to the SCARF Change Management Model – for insights into why we may feel the way we do right now (3:50 minutes)

Other resources

  • Employees and their dependents have access to iVolve [PDF], which is an online self-paced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatment program for depression, anxiety and overall mental health.
  • Homewood Health self-care starter kit [PDF] to help you build a self-care plan to improve your quality of life.
  • Practicing mindfulness can support our mental health. The Not Myself Today program provides an activity sheet of mindful practices [PDF] to help settle the mind and increase focus and concentration as well as guided audio clips on the employee portal. To access the employee portal, please refer to the login instructions on the Wellness Works Loop space.
  • Stronger Minds by Beacon is a free digital program for all Canadians to support your mental well-being. This program provides: timely videos and quick reads from mental health experts, activities to help you gain resilience and “Ask an Expert” videos in response to questions on various topics.
  • 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge by MindWell-U is an evidence-based training in mindfulness to help you decrease stress and anxiety, and increase resilience and joy.
  • Stress Solutions by Homewood Health is a new Life Smart service that is based on a psychoeducational model that consists of one to three telephonic sessions with a coach to discuss the cognitive aspects of stress, and connections between thoughts and feelings.
  • Employees and dependents may take advantage of professional counselling services through BCIT’s Employee and Family Assistance provider Homewood Health at 1-800-663-1142.

Additional BCIT resources