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Entrance Requirements

WMA is a second level associate certificate with very specific requirements; ASD or have proof of equivalent post-secondary education within the last 5 years in order to declare this program.

Candidates must already know how to develop significant software applications in OOP language environments; specifically Java and C#, and how to build web pages with HTML5, CSS3, before starting WMA.

WMA program is a second level associate certificate and that it requires significant prerequisite knowledge in object-oriented programming with Java and C#, business analysis and systems design, as well as multiple web scripting languages.


Applied Software Development (ASD)
Associate Certificate plus solid web scripting skills, HTML5, and CSS3

Students must already have a strong understanding of object-oriented programming in both Java and C#, plus Business Analysis and Systems Design before starting this program.

Those students who have not completed ASD and have other formal post-secondary in Computing and IT must provide detailed course outlines on a course by course basis to prove equivalence to:

COMP 3601 – Application Development with Java
COMP 3602 – Application Development with C#
COMP 2831 – Business Analysis and Systems Design

WMA includes advanced web scripting and development tools, students must already have basic web skills as prerequisites.

COMP 1850 – Introduction to Web Development or equivalent knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, and FTP.

Some students may wish to complete the Applied Web Development (AWD) Associate Certificate which includes the web scripting prerequisites.

Please be sure that you have the required knowledge and skills before enrolling in any course.

Students are expected to have an excellent command of English and Math at a BC high school Grade 12 level or equivalent.

Before starting this program, students should have some work experience or post-secondary education in either business or computing.


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