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  • This program will be delivered online during COVID-19.
  • Your education is our priority and we will continue to deliver the applied instruction, collaborative experience, and industry connections that you expect from BCIT.

BCIT Computing offers this comprehensive series of courses for Java, Java Web, and Java Enterprise Edition.

Advanced Java Development, AJD is a second level credential that is built on top of the Applied Software Development, ASD.

Students must complete Applied Software Development, ASD and have skills in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript prior to starting AJD.

Electives include open-source JavaScript; Angular and Vue, Node.js, and React, as well as Java Android, Agile, Amazon Web Services, AWS and containerization with Docker.

AJD is a subset of the CST/PTS Diploma and may also be of interest to those with Computer Science degrees.

Thousands of students have completed Java courses at BCIT and moved on to successful careers in software development.

There are jobs in Vancouver for Java developers who understand the industry-standard use of Java and open source technologies.

AJD graduates will be able to design, build and deploy commercial quality Java Software Applications.

Learn to develop secure, large scale Java enterprise solutions.

Entrance Requirements


Advanced Java Development is a second level credential that is built on top of our Applied Software Development, ASD Associate Certificate. This program is aimed at those who are already software developers with previous education and work experience.

Before declaring your intent to complete this program, you must meet the following prerequisites:

Please email to discuss your prior education before submitting transcripts or course outlines.

Each course has specific prerequisites that must be completed prior to starting this program. Students who have not completed the prerequisites or who do not have equivalent post-secondary education to ASD will not be approved into the AJD program.

Costs & Supplies

The Advanced Java Development Associate Certificate (AJD) program is built on top of Applied Software Development (ASD) or equivalent education.

Total cost to complete both the ASD and AJD associate certificates is approximately $9,000.

The prerequisite ASD program tuition and books is approximately $4,000.

The cost of AJD alone is approximately $5,000 tuition and books.


Program Details

Computer hardware and Internet requirements

COMP courses are now conducted entirely online until further notice. Students must provide a current model PC desktop or laptop with a webcam, microphone and have high-speed internet access. Courses will be delivered in real-time and may use two-way audio and video as well as group work.

Students must be computer literate and be able to log in during regularly scheduled class hours in order to participate and complete each COMP course. Please contact the department via email: if you have any questions.

A minimum of 25.0 credits is required from the Required and Electives courses. All of these courses must be completed within a five year period.

The curriculum may be modified in accordance with market trends in the industry.


Applied Software Development ASD, including COMP 2613 as an elective, or equivalent knowledge such as the CST Diploma.

COMP 1850 – Introduction to Web Development or equivalent HTML5/CSS3 knowledge, plus COMP 2015 or COMP 2132 – Web Development with JavaScript.

The program core includes Java Application Development, Java Web Applications, OOAS, Advanced Java Web Applications, and Java EE, Enterprise Edition Application Development.

Elective courses include: Android and Mobile Applications in Java, IT Project Management, Angular and Vue, Node.js, React, Agile Development, Amazon and Docker.

Graduating & Jobs

Faculty, Advisors & Staff

AJD was developed by Kevin Cudihee, Program Head BCIT Computing PTS, with input from subject matter experts; Jim Parry, Sam Cirka, Paul Mills, Anca Datcu-Romano, Arash Ghavami, Arron Ferguson, Krishna Kothumbaka, Pat McGee, Daniel Takeuchi and Justin Fox.

Administrative support is provided by Joanne Atha, PTS Coordinator

Advisory committee

Java related ‘COMP’ courses are delivered by subject matter experts and industry professionals, most of whom are actual Java developers working in the local market.


Students on Limited Timelines

Important Notice:

This program may not be suitable for those on financial aid or international students.

Students on limited timelines have no guarantees that courses will be available in any given term.

Several of the required courses are only offered once per year and must be completed in a specific sequence.

Computing Part-time Studies

Most Computing Part-time Studies credentials cannot be fast-tracked due to prerequisites and scheduling.

Please understand that there is also no guarantee that the minimum required course credits can be sustained from term to term in PTS.

Most PTS courses fill quickly so space is not guaranteed and courses may be cancelled before term start if there is insufficient interest.

As a result, students on timelines may not be able to obtain the minimum credits they need or want in each term to complete this program.

ASD and Web Development prerequisites

Students who have completed ASD may complete the Advanced Java program in 4 or 5  PTS terms.

Those who have not completed ASD need departmental approval with proof of equivalent ASD formal education.

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