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Entrance Requirements

  • COMP 1002 or equivalent knowledge
  • BC High School Grade 12 English and Grade 12 Math, or equivalent knowledge.

Students in this program are required to have English reading, writing and speaking skills.

Specific prerequisites or equivalent knowledge are required for each course.

This program is aimed at mature students with other post-secondary education, and work experience looking to validate their knowledge, or those with connections to potential employers.

It is not designed for those students just out of high school with no other education or work experience, those students should consider completing a Diploma or Degree in order to be well-positioned in the job market.

Students limited timelines:

COMP FLEX courses have specific prerequisites, and these must be completed in the correct order.

Many required higher-level and elective courses may not be offered each term and some courses are only offered once per year.

Please contact the department for course planning.


Students who require a minimum course load to retain eligibility for financial aid or international student status have no guarantees that Flexible Learning courses will be available in any given term. There is also no guarantee that the minimum required course credits can be sustained from term to term in Flexible Learning.

Most COMP and MATH courses fill quickly so space is not guaranteed and courses may be cancelled before term start if there is insufficient interest. This may impact both the number of courses a student is able to take in any term, and the time it takes to complete a Flexible Learning credential.

As a result, students may not be able to obtain the minimum credits they need or want in each term to continue in the program. Computing Flexible Learning were not designed for those attempting to complete a certificate program in a full-time delivery model of less than 2 years.

Students on limited timelines should instead apply to full-time programs at BCIT.

Important Notice: Computing Flexible Learning is a course-by-course registration and was not designed for students on limited timelines. International students and those on funding timelines should instead apply to Full-time programs. Please read the details on the program entry page.


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