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Over 30,000 students have learned data systems at BCIT

Data Development Technologies

Thousands of students have learned data technologies at BCIT.

BCIT Computing Flexible Learning offers four separate data-related credentials, course by course at night and on the weekends. With elective planning, these programs can be taken as a series of laddered credentials.

BCIT Computing provides students with career-ready skills

Sharing so others know it is possible: My data analyst journey

Lluvia Meneses moved across a continent, began a new life in a new language, and expanded her family, but there was another challenge she planned to take on. She loved...

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From barista to analyst, BCIT Computing grad now sees infinite potential

Despite a somewhat rocky start in post-secondary education, Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma grad Stuart Budd is now a lifelong learner. After completing much of a Bachelor of Science at...

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Quality data more crucial than ever: Insight across sectors with Gordon Hamilton

We’ve all been looking at a lot of health data over the past few weeks, learning about flattened curves and infection rates. But the statistics and graphs on which major...

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Career transformed through Part-time Studies: Andrew Beck’s data analytics path

Data, and the potential insight it offers, is now abundant. The growth has been so extreme that companies are stretched to find the talent to manage, let alone query, their...

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Teaching part-time: The best of both worlds

If variety is the spice of life, BCIT Computing Part-time Studies instructors are doing things right. By working in industry and sharing their knowledge with others, they keep themselves challenged...

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