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Performance Development System

The documents housed in this archive are those used in BCIT’s Performance Development System. They are grouped according to the various specialized duties performed by members of the Faculty and Staff Association. The instruments are of three distinct types. Surveys gather feedback from those to whom some service is provided, e.g., instruction or counseling. Surveys are optically scanned and the resulting data is processed and presented in a format that is easily analyzed.

A Peer Review is used to guide a peer’s observation as duties are performed. A Review Report is used to summarize the results of periodic discussions with a manager. Note that almost all System documents have a BCIT identification number. Three Instructor surveys lack a number because they were the first forms to be developed. They are supplied by an external commercial source.


These instruments are used by instructors who most typically meet with students in a lecture or classroom. Specially adapted surveys are used by instructors who work in laboratories, clinical settings and problem-based learning sessions.

Distance and online learning instructor

Since these instructors, tutors and markers work with students who are “off-campus”, their surveys and reviews have been tailored to those circumstances. Where appropriate, secure and confidential surveys are available to students via web links. On completion they are electronically submitted for processing.

Co-op coordinator

Those involved in Co-op education perform a wide range of duties involving students and industrial clients.

Service areas

The following sections contain the PDS forms used by those FSA members who provide a wide range of services to BCIT students and staff. Each service area is listed separately.

Indigenous Services Advisor


Disability Resource Centre (DRC) Specialist

Financial Aid and Awards Advisor

Instructional Development Consultant (LTC)


Medical Services RN

Program Advisor