Spartan Controls Centre for Energy Education and Research

The School of Energy’s boiler, co-generation and industrial instrumentation facility is a significant part of infrastructure construction happening at BCIT.

The facility forms the basis of the Spartan Controls Centre for Energy Education and Research. Forty-eight percent of all energy produced in Canada is consumed by industry. As such, any improvements in industrial processes have significant impacts in our overall consumption patterns. Highlights of the new multi-million dollar energy studies centre include:

Nexus for Academic Cooperation

While physical conduits distribute energy from the facility across the BCIT campus, the centre is also a nexus for academic connection, drawing together academics and researchers from across the institute. Students, faculty and operations personnel work together in a cross-disciplinary learning and research environment focused on energy production, distribution, sustainability and management.

Spartan Controls Centre for Energy Education and Research creates the capacity to:
The centre is already attracting interest from researchers, corporations and other Canadian institutions looking to leverage this one of a kind integrated facility.

For more information on the facility, contact:

Brian Buckley
Associate Dean, Industrial and Mechanical Trades
Phone: 604-451-6964

Holly Stanley
Business Development Manager
Phone:  604-451-6740

Anna Klonica
Coordinator, Business Development & Industry Training
Phone:  604-453-4039