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Conglomeration of pipes of various colours and sizes.

The basis for many commercial products and processes is basic and applied research. At the School of Energy, our mandate is to engage in applied research with the objectives of supporting our educational programs, developing our faculty and advancing the state of practice. Faculty in the School of Energy are directly or indirectly engaged in research at different levels, from advancing their course materials, professional development, to funded research projects to advance the state of practice. Our students are involved through their graduation projects and benefit from the research outcomes, as well.

The Research Committee of the School of Energy is actively establishing research themes for the school, developing a support funding process, and organizing technical seminars to communicate research outcomes. Currently, the school’s main research themes focus on energy systems, the efficiency of energy production and transmission, and the energy efficiency industrial processes as well as advanced manufacturing technology and methods. According to a recent survey conducted by the school, over 40 faculty members are either conducting research in, or have research interests in, 30 different technical areas. Some faculty are doing research in collaboration with other post-secondary institutions. For example, the Advanced Papermaking Initiative (API) has created an endowed chair in the school along with two chairs at the University of British Columbia.

The School Research Committee is also involved with the Institute’s Research Committee through the participation of two members. We also seek opportunities and encourage school faculty to form inter-departmental and inter-school research teams, and perform multidisciplinary research work.

School of Energy Research

Spartan Controls Centre for Energy Education and Research

vertical silver pipes with gauges and hoses.

The School of Energy’s boiler, co-generation and industrial instrumentation facility is a significant part of infrastructure construction happening at BCIT.

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