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The mandate of the School of Energy Research Committee is to support the advancement of applied research and development, consistent with the BCIT mission and mandate statements.

Faculty members

Committee member Areas of interest
Mehrzad Tabatabaian, PhD, PEng
Program Head
Mechanical Engineering
Renewable energy, energy efficiency and harvesting, clean-low carbon energy systems, thermodynamics, advanced FEM and CFD, turbulent fluid flows, physical modeling of dynamical systems, applied mechanics, and technology applications in education.
Vice Chair
Bob Gill, MEng, PEng
Telecommunications and Networks
Dual career path: telecommunications and networks, and power systems. Tertiary interests are eHealth, vehicular technologies, industrial networking and signal processing.
Mohammad Alemi, PhD, PEng
Mechanical Engineering
Solid mechanics, manufacturing, and non-destructive testing.
Rodger Beatson, PhD
Chemical and Environmental Technology
Energy efficiency in mechanical pulping, production of dissolving pulps, forest biomass as a source of fuels and chemicals, genetic control of plant fibre properties.
Ali Daeizadeh, RSE
Years of research and development in agricultural equipment, optical and digital, mechanical, hydraulics, health and surgical innovation. Areas of interest include mechanical innovations, automation systems, robotics, surgical devices innovations.
John Dian, PhD
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Internet of things (IoT), video and image processing, telecommunications.
Alok Dhungana, MASc, MBA Candidate, PEng
Power Engineering
Alok joined BCIT in 2015. His expertise lies on biochar, biomaterials, torrefaction, thermal engineering, nanotechnology, and artificial muscle.
Mike Safoniuk, MEng
Department Head
Power Engineering
Mike joined the BCIT Power Engineering group in August of 2006.

Administration members

Kacem Habiballah, MA
Interim Dean
School of Energy

Brian Buckley, BSc
Associate Dean
Industrial and Mechanical Trades

Brent Dunn, MEng, PEng
Associate Dean
Mechanical Engineering

Paul Morrison, DiplT, BEng, AScT
Interim Associate Dean
Chemical, Digital Communications and Machinist

Amir Yousefi, PhD, PEng
Associate Dean
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Holly Stanley
Operations Manager
School of Energy

Research liaison

Joseph Boyd, MSc (Physics), MLS
Program Head, Applied Research Liaison Office