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Instructor talking to students.

Need to reduce downtime, wastage and lost profits by improving machining and manufacturing operations?

BCIT Industry Services can help your quality improvement team by closing the skills gap level between where your employees are currently performing and where you would like them to be.

Require increased efficiency by training process operators to adopt basic troubleshooting and general maintenance skills?

BCIT Industry Services can provide site specific, machine specific, and process specific training for your operators to be able to recognize trouble spots, identify appropriate steps to mitigate asset damage, and conduct routine maintenance.

Providing corporate sponsored Power Engineering but not getting enough 4th, 3rd, and 2nd class graduates?

Increase your return on investment, and sign up for group BCIT weekly broadcasts by qualified Power Engineering instructors to complement local training. Marks have been proven to increase 20% and the odds of employees successfully passing provincial exams skyrocket.

Need to hire operators or maintenance personnel from a fixed resource base where basic skills are lacking, and cultural differences sometimes raise barriers?

BCIT Industry Services can project manage a complex collaborative process that will develop and deliver site specific training, integrate local resources, and provide sensitive and respectful support for unions and indigenous populations.

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