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What’s this area about?

Any operation using boiler and pressure vessels is concerned about safety — for human resources, as well as company assets and liabilities. Power Engineers are certified to monitor, troubleshoot, maintain, and operate these pressurized processes that produce power for hospitals, schools, manufacturing, and facilities such as pulp & paper mills, power generation plants, and oil & gas mining operations.


Canadian standards for Power Engineering training, testing, and certification are recognized around the world as the premier model of safety and competence. BCIT’s innovative training delivery methods are proven to increase certification success rates, and increase exam marks by 20% over standard distance education methodologies.

BCIT’s innovative methods for Power Engineering training bundle PanGlobal textbooks with our own responsive tutoring, online assignments and tests, and weekly lessons taught live over high speed Internet to students, no matter where they live.

What can BCIT offer?

Need to upgrade your staff to meet regulatory and equipment changes? Are you experiencing less than satisfactory completion rates because staff, long-time away from school, cannot keep up with the self study demands of distance education? Can’t justify bringing a qualified instructor on site, or sending key staff away for classroom training because shift work, production demands, and distributed locations are cost-prohibitive?

We offer the following, and more in classroom, innovative online and customized formats to complement corporate training programs, or follow up on preparatory college programs:

Other services we offer include:

  • Designing and developing corporate online training web resources to complement corporate training websites
  • Developing customized procedure documents, operating manuals, and P & ID’s.

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