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BCIT’s gateway to flexible training options for industry

large steel electrial pole.
Need to reduce downtime and by improving machining and manufacturing operations? Require increased efficiency by training process operators to adopt basic troubleshooting and general maintenance skills? Industry Services is your gateway to all of the industrial subject matter expertise in the School of Energy.

We have extensive experience with business and industry, service, military, and government programs. Use our expertise to cut through the complexities of our 43 program areas and minimize the time it takes to connect with resources you need to meet your business goals. Our experience in teaching is unmatched by any private firm.

Workshops, seminars, assessments, and distance education programs can be conveniently arranged to fit your business schedule and human resources development plan.

Subject matter expertise

robotic wheeled apparatus with stand alone control box.
The School of Energy is a complex school with 43 full-time programs ranging from short 20-credit Associate Certificates to full Bachelor degrees. In addition, there are hundreds of part-time courses, distance education courses, and high school partnership programs.

For a dedicated group, any of our full-time or part-time courses may be developed and delivered on time and on budget. Industry Services is fee-for-service training and development where curriculum is extracted or assembled from our existing courses. Fees are often based on a flat rate directly related to duration, development, and delivery costs. To your advantage as a client, you may have as many as 16 students in your course at no extra charge. Quotes can be provided promptly.

Here are some examples of the training and services we can provide:


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Business Development and Industry Training Coordinator

Anna Klonica
Tel: 604-453-4039