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Technical seminar series

The School of Energy Research Committee is proud to present the “Technical Seminar Series”, which communicates research outcomes, processes, and funded project results of the School of Energy applied research projects. These seminars, held at BCIT’s Burnaby campus, are open to the public and are conducted by faculty and technical collaborators/research partners.

For more information on these seminars, or to be notified of future seminars, please contact the research committee chair, Mehrzad Tabatabaian. If you are interested in attending the online Zoom presentation, please email Kerri Macmillan for the details.

2021 Schedule

Speaker Title Date Affiliation
Reza Vahidnia, PhD, PEng Radiofrequency Exposure Safety Hazards of the Internet of Things (IoT) Devices November 4, 2021 (12:30pm via Zoom) Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Sirine, Maalej, PhD, PEng Applications of Artificial Intelligence for Energy Efficiency April 28, 2021
(12:30pm via Zoom)
Faculty, Mechanical Engineering
John Dian, PhD, PEng Access Control Enhancements for Cellular Internet of Things April 23, 2021
(12:30pm via Zoom)
Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Ali Palizban, PhD, PEng and Kathy Manson, PEng Optimizing Transformer Efficiency in commercial and residential buildings April 7, 2021
(12:30 pm via Zoom)
Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Amir M. Dehkhoda, PhD Fast and reliable detection of formate for potential use in renewable energy generation from CO2 March 12, 2021 (12:30 pm via Zoom) Faculty, Chemical & Environmental Technology
Amir Dehkhoda presenting on Zoom

A taste of Amir Dehkhoda’s presentation on “Fast and reliable detection of formate”


Past schedules


Speaker Title Date Affiliation
Fredrik Ahlgren, PhD Energy efficiency utilizing waste heat recovery and machine learning tools February 25, 2019 Lecturer, Linnaeus University
Craig Hennessey, PhD, PEng Vinebot – Vineyard Automation for Increased Crop Management Efficiency and Quality March 8, 2019 Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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