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What’s this area about?

BCIT uses high-speed Internet and synchronous online learning for selected industrial and academic safety courses, process overviews, and introductory technical training. These ready-to-go, easily administered products that help minimize travel time for instructors and students, are often useful for organizations orienting new hires and refreshing existing staff on standard practices.


Our online services consider your needs. Many of our clients have distributed shift workers who are under constant pressure to meet production demands while implementing new technologies. Managers and supervisors are faced with turnover, sourcing skilled workers, safety, and asset management. Executives are forced to choose cost-effective means of supporting the needs of their organization while mitigating shareholder expectations with auditor realities.
Students working at computers in a computer lab.
We know that online instruction alone doesn’t produce a skilled worker. BCIT Industry Services has the formula that optimally blends the best of online with subject matter expertise to achieve student success. Moving learning moments in bits and bytes over bandwidth is comparable in cost to moving the physical atoms of staff over planes, trains and automobiles, but is much more efficient and effective. Learn more.

What can BCIT offer?

You can contract BCIT to enrol just a few or many individuals in these courses. We track and report assessments and evaluations, and then provide certificates upon successful completion. If you need, we can create new products just for you. We can also customize the following:

  • Assayers Training
  • Millwright Apprenticeship Level 1
  • Boiler Simulator for Power Engineering Training
  • Machine Shop Safety and Lathe Operation

Please contact us for more information.

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Business Development and Industry Training Coordinator

Anna Klonica
Tel: 604-453-4039