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Trades Entry Assessment


Trades Access is committed to ensuring education at BCIT is accessible for all students. If you have any questions or concerns about accommodations or accessibility for the Trades Entry Assessments, please contact Accessibility Services or the Trades Learning Centre for more information.

Your step-by-step guide

Refer to your program’s entrance requirements to determine which assessment(s) are mandatory, recognized as an equivalent credit, or recommended for success.

Writing a Trades Entry Assessment involves 3 steps:

1. Register for the assessment

Go to the following pages to learn more about the different types of assessments and to register directly:

Mechanical Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning

2. Pay for the assessment

The cost for an assessment is $40.00 (subject to change without notice) and is non-refundable. Payment is due at least three business days prior to writing your assessment. Payments cannot be transferred between terms (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer). Accepted forms of payment are online banking or Flywire (for international students). For more details, visit Payment Options.

3. Book an appointment to write the assessment

Trades Entry Assessments are written all over the world. There are 3 options for writing an assessment:

Option 1: BCIT Burnaby Campus

Assessments are scheduled at the Trades Learning Centre. Book an appointment through Assessment Session Booking. There is no additional fee for writing at the Burnaby campus.

Trades Access – Trades Learning Centre
British Columbia Institute of Technology
JW Inglis Building, NE 1, Room 340
3700 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby BC  V5G 3H2

Plan to arrive early for your assessment session; it could take 15 minutes or more to walk from your parking spot to NE 1. You will need to present your valid government-issued photo identification and proof of payment for the course.

To obtain a copy of your tuition (assessment fee) payment transaction, log in to your myBCIT account. Under Student Self Service, click on ‘View or Print Your Tuition Receipt’ and follow the prompts.

For parking locations, see the interactive map or download a Burnaby Campus Map [PDF]. Parking meters accept credit cards only.

Option 2: External invigilation

You can arrange to write at an accredited institute, university, college, embassy or consulate. You must complete a Request for External Invigilation form. Additional fees may apply.

If you require assistance locating an approved invigilator in your area, please contact

Option 3: Online

NOTE: It is not permissible, nor is it required, to have pen and paper to write the assessment online.

You can arrange to write online in the Learning Hub on the BCIT website. Sign-in with your BCIT email and password – credentials are available after you have registered and paid – and click on the ‘Select a course’ widget. Select the assessment and read the ‘Introduction’ information. Additional fees will apply.

Sample Assessments

To access sample Trades Entry Assessment(s), you can easily download them for a better understanding of the evaluation process. These sample assessments serve as useful tools to familiarize yourself with the types of questions and tasks that may be encountered.