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Trades Entry Assessment


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students must now book an appointment to write their assessment(s) at the Trades Learning Centre.


The physics assessment measures the ability to respond to basic, familiar (static) physics concepts. The questions represent common trades-related problems. This is not a multiple-choice assessment. You are expected to show all work.

  • 11 questions worth 33 marks
  • 30-minute time limit
  • Only one re-write may be attempted in any term
  • Passing score varies by program
  • This assessment cannot be written online

How to register and pay

What to bring

  • Government issued photo identification
  • Proof of payment
  • Scientific calculator (no phones or computers permitted)
  • Pen, pencil and eraser

You will not be permitted to write the assessment without the required documents.


Sample assessment

Download theĀ Physics sample [PDF] to prepare for the assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions