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Flexible Learning (Part-time Studies) Courses

The table below indicates if there are seats available in the following courses over the next two terms. To view availability and register in specific classes, please view their respective course pages via the links below.

CourseWinter 2023Spring/Summer 2023
Advanced Technical Mathematics (MATH 1013) MaybeNo
Applied Hydrology (CIVL 1160) NoMaybe
Asphalt Technology (CIVL 2124) NoNo
AutoCAD 1 (AICO 1000) NoYes
Basic Surveying with Total Stations (SURV 1104) MaybeNo
Civil 3D: Introduction (SURV 2205) MaybeYes
Civil Construction Estimating (CIVL 3230) NoYes
Concrete Technology (CIVL 2123) NoYes
Construction Materials Testing Fundamentals (CIVL 1580) NoNo
Graphical Communication (CIVL 1121) NoNo
Intro to Structural Design (CIVL 2170) NoYes
Introduction to Business and Technical Communication (COMM 1103) MaybeYes
Introduction to Hydraulics (CIVL 2161) NoNo
Introduction to Public Works Operations (PUBW 1001) NoYes
Introduction to Soil Mechanics (CIVL 2140) MaybeNo
Introduction to Urban Traffic Engineering (CIVL 2151) NoYes
Municipal Plan Reading (PUBW 1141) MaybeYes
Public Works Inspection (PUBW 4550) NoNo
Roadworks Maintenance 1 (PUBW 1121) NoNo
Roadworks Maintenance 2 (PUBW 2121) NoYes
Soil Mechanics 2 (CIVL 3140) NoNo
Statics (CIVL 1120) NoMaybe
Stress Analysis 1 (CIVL 2121) NoNo
Stress Analysis 2 (CIVL 2122) NoNo
Survey Instrument Operations: Levels (SURV 1101) MaybeNo
Technical Mathematics for Architectural and Building Technology (MATH 1401) NoYes
Wood Design (CIVL 3171) NoNo