Adaptive Technology Lab

The new Accessibility Services Adaptive Technology Lab (ATL) aims to assist students registered with Accessibility Services. It contains specialized software, computers, assistive devices, and study space.

Adaptive Technology promotes greater independence for people in their learning and working environments. Based on your needs we offer information and the opportunity for exposure to adaptive technology that may enhance your post-secondary experience.

If you are registered with the Accessibility Services, you can use the Lab to:


Read and Write: Reading and Writing support

BCIT students, faculty and staff have now free access to Read&Write Gold, an award-winning literacy software tool that can help you improve reading, writing, research and study skills.The easy to use toolbar "floats" on top of any open application and works discreetly with all mainstream Windows and OS X applications. This offers users the opportunity to work in an inclusive manner alongside their peers and colleagues.

Kurzweil 3000: Text-to-Speech

Kurzweil software is designed to help students with reading, writing, and study skills. It can scan and read text so students can study and learn independently. Kurzweil's study skills feature allows students to highlight and extract the main points of a passage and create outlines, study guides, and word lists that will improve their reading comprehension and retention.

ZoomText: Screen Magnification

ZoomText is a magnification and reading software developed for students with visual impairments. It offers flexible magnification with the choice of how much text is read aloud and when. A large screen monitor enhances viewing.

Dragon Naturally Speaking: Speech-to-Text

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice recognition software system that eliminates the need to type. After training, students can dictate directly into the computer. Dragon Naturally Speaking works well for students who can verbalize their thoughts but have difficulties writing.

Inspiration: Programs for brainstorming ideas and concept mapping

Inspiration software allows students to create graphic organizers to visualize ideas, concepts, and relationships and transform them into an outline view. Inspiration helps students plan, organize projects, gain a better understanding of difficult concepts, and improve their writing proficiency.

WordQ: Gramma and writing support

WordQ is a software tool used along with standard writing software. WordQ suggests words to use and provides spoken feedback to help find mistakes. Users who have problems writing and editing, particularly those with learning disabilities can benefit from using WordQ. Within minutes of getting started, students can prevent, find and fix their mistakes.

Accessibility Services maintains a small loan bank of assistive technology (devices and adaptive technology equipment) which can be used during your tests. Some of the devices can be loaned to students registered with our office on a short-term basis.


SW1 – Room 2360

Office Hours


Current BCIT students registered with the Accessibility Services are able to access the Lab.  Faculty and Staff are welcome to come in and look at the equipment and discuss options with the Accessibility Services.


Booking for Lab use is recommended. Please contact us at 604-451-6963 to book your time.