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Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors

What is a Resident Advisor?

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Resident Advisors are full-time students or alumni employed by the BCIT Housing Office who live on campus to support the housing community. The Resident Advisor team helps to create a positive housing community and acts as the front line of the housing management team.

Resident Advisors live on campus and are in and around the community in the evenings. On weeknights and weekends, there is always a Resident Advisor on-site to assist students or help if there is an emergency. They are approachable, resourceful and very good listeners. They also organize fun recreational activities and keep everyone involved in campus life. When in need, they are your “go-to” person.

Who can be a Resident Advisor?

To be a Resident Advisor, you must be a BCIT student or alumni. Singles and couples are eligible to apply. If you would like to live on-campus with your partner you would need to apply as a couple and both applicants would need to be successful in the recruitment process, your partner does not need to be a BCIT student or alumni.

Bring your strong leadership and passion for supporting others and apply to make a difference in the BCIT Housing community. As a Resident Advisor, you will gain valuable work experience by helping to provide student residents with a positive and safe community. Meet new friends and engage in community building all while strengthening your communication, teamwork, and conflict management skills.

Why become a Resident Advisor?

As a current or former BCIT student, you know first-hand how challenging the student experience can be. Allow our student residents to benefit from your experience by helping to ensure they have a quiet place to study and a safe place to unwind.

How can I apply?

Recruitment for September 2024 – May 2025 has now closed. If you are interested in applying to become a Resident Advisor, recruitment takes place in January/February each year.

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My favourite part of my role as a BCIT Housing Resident Advisor is the teamwork and communication involved, working together with such amazing people really allows your teamwork and communication skills to grow while fostering a positive sense of community.

Colin | Past Resident Advisor