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Prospective Residents

BCIT Student Housing offers comfortable and convenient accommodations for full-time BCIT students and apprentices. The student housing complex is ideally located on the Burnaby campus, adjacent to the sports field and recreation facilities.

The complex incorporates seven low-rise, split-level buildings, each containing four suites of twelve bedrooms, one Resident Advisor apartment, and a laundry room.

Each suite contains two floors of bedrooms and bathrooms; a dining room and a living room, and two full kitchen areas for students to prepare their own meals. Each bedroom floor contains six single bedrooms, each approximately 9’5” x 11’; a bathroom with two separate toilets; two private showers and a vanity area with two sinks.

Each bedroom contains:

  • single captains bed
  • extra long vinyl covered twin mattress (36”x80”)
  • bookshelf
  • closet
  • dresser
  • desk
  • chair
  • desk lamp
  • mirror

For a virtual walk-through of Student Housing, please view our video tour.

BCIT does not have on-campus accommodation for couples or families. Please refer to the Off-Campus page for listings appropriate to your needs.