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Medical Services Plan (MSP) enrollment

Full-time students

The BCITSA Extended Health & Dental Plan provides protection and security to minimize the effect of injuries or ailments during your studies. You will be automatically enrolled in the plan if your program is designated full-time by BCIT and lasts at least 16 weeks. If you are eligible for coverage, the fees for the plan are automatically included in your tuition upon program registration.

Please visit BCIT Student Association: Health and Dental Coverage for more information on eligibility.

International students

Basic medical insurance coverage is mandatory for all international students throughout the duration of their studies at BCIT. Students are required to purchase private medical coverage provided by GUARD.ME. BCIT does not accept insurance from companies outside of Canada.

Please be advised:

  • If you do not have provincial health coverage at the time of your visit, or you have allowed it to lapse, BCIT Student Health Services may charge a fee of $50 for you to see a physician. You will receive a receipt this $50 charge. If you renew your provincial health coverage following your appointment, you can submit this receipt to your provincial health insurance plan for reimbursement once you have been reinstated.
  • Always take your health insurance card with you for any medical visits (including seeing a doctor, lab, x-ray, pharmacy or hospital).

For information on how to obtain your medical insurance, please choose the option below that applies to you.