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Please see BCIT Student Association: Health and Dental Coverage and plan information.

International students, it is your responsibility to make sure you have medical insurance coverage while in Canada.

You MUST have medical insurance while studying at BCIT, or you will not be eligible for services from BCIT. A standard visit to an emergency room at a British Columbia (BC) hospital costs $750.00, or more. Students are required to purchase private medical coverage provided by BCIT does not accept insurance from companies outside of Canada.

Please note:

  • If at the time of your visit you do not have provincial health coverage or have allowed it to lapse, BCIT Student Health Services will charge a fee of $50 for you to see a physician or nurse payable prior to seeing a physician
  • You will receive a receipt which you can submit to your provincial health insurance plan for reimbursement once you have been reinstated.
  • Always take your card with you when you go to a doctor, clinic or hospital. You will also need a valid BC Services Card for prescriptions.

Apply for medical insurance

All International students MUST have medical insurance when living in Canada and while studying at BCIT.

  • You must purchase medical insurance (provided by International Insurance) for the first 3 months in Canada
  • You may be eligible for the Medical Service Plan (MSP) of British Columbia after residing in the province of British Columbia for over three months
  • We advise that you complete the BC MSP application form [PDF] as soon as you arrive in British Columbia to ensure that your coverage will start after your insurance expires as the application process may take up to 3 months before you can use the Medical Services Plan.

For information on how to obtain your medical insurance, please choose the option below that applies to you.