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Health Sciences Students

During the flu season, BCIT Student Health Services offers the flu vaccine to Health Science Students. Health Science Students will receive notification of set clinic dates and online booking will be on a first come first serve basis dependent on the clinic dates.

Why get a flu shot?

  • A flu vaccine can lower your likelihood of developing symptoms that resemble COVID.  That means less chance of needing to undergo testing and self-isolation and reduced wait times for everyone.
  • When combined with hand washing and staying home when exhibiting symptoms, the flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and those you care about from the flu

Where can you get a flu shot?

  1. Flu shots are now being offered along with your COVID-19 booster. For more information check out the Fall 2022 COVID-19 and Influenza vaccine invitation page
  2. Your GP’s office
  3. Your local pharmacy (Book online or by phone)
  4. You can use the influenza (flu) clinic locator to find an influenza vaccine clinic near you.

For more information on flu vaccines please visit: