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Private Medical Insurance for International Students

Flexible Learning Programs

For ISEP+Flex applicants


If you applied through ISEP+Flex, BCIT may charge you and enrol you in temporary private medical insurance. Check your admissions letters for further details, or contact if you have any questions.

International students in Flexible Learning programs directly (not through ISEP+Flex) are responsible for purchasing and providing proof of their own temporary private medical insurance until they are able to provide proof of coverage from BC Medical Services Plan (MSP).

BCIT students and their dependents may purchase insurance online or may choose another temporary basic medical insurance plan that is designed for international students in Canada.

A copy of your medical insurance information must be provided by email to

Account holds

It is important to note that students will have a hold placed on their account if they have not provided proof of having adequate medical insurance, or if their previous medical insurance that we have on record has expired.

A hold on your account will prevent you from being able to register for courses. We advise taking care of any holds on your account well before registration opens.

Online insurance purchases may take up to two business days to be processed in our records and for a hold to be removed from your account.