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Flexible Learning (Part-time Studies) Courses

The table below indicates if there are seats available in the following courses for the current term. To view availability and register in specific classes, please view their respective course pages via the links below.

CourseFall 2023
AWS Academy Cloud Architecting (COMP 3215) No
Advanced .NET Web Application Development (COMP 4602) Maybe
Advanced C++ Application Development (COMP 4603) Maybe
Advanced Java Web Application Development (COMP 4601) Maybe
Advanced Web Applications with PHP (COMP 4669) No
Agile Product Owner (COMP 2836) No
Agile Scrum Methods (COMP 2833) Maybe
Algorithm Analysis and Design (COMP 3761) Maybe
Android and Mobile Application Development Tools (COMP 2052) No
Android and Mobile Applications in Java (COMP 3617) No
Application Development with C# (COMP 3602) Maybe
Application Development with C++ (COMP 3603) Maybe
Application Development with Java (COMP 3601) Maybe
Applied DevOps with Kubernetes (COMP 4016) Maybe
Applied IT Security Fundamentals (COMP 3704) Yes
Applied Network Security (COMP 4704) No
Back-End Web Development with Node.js (COMP 3012) Maybe
Computer Projects Practicum 1 (COMP 3925) No
Computer Simulations for Statistics (MATH 1061) No
Data Communications for CST (COMP 3725) Maybe
Data Quality Improvement (COMP 3839) Yes
Enterprise Networking Fundamentals (COMP 2629) No
Ethics for Computing Professionals (LIBS 7102) No
Front-End Web Development with Angular and Vue.js (COMP 2909) Yes
Front-End Web Development with React.js (COMP 3013) Maybe
IT Project Management Fundamentals (COMP 1288) Maybe
Introduction to Data Warehouses with Big Data (COMP 3841) Yes
Introduction to Linux (COMP 2766) Maybe
Introduction to Microsoft Power BI (COMP 2156) Yes
Introduction to Operating Systems for CST (COMP 4737) No
Introduction to Visual Analytics with Tableau (COMP 2256) Maybe
Linux Administration (COMP 2767) No
MS Office Applications (COMP 2010) Yes
MS Power BI Advanced Data Visualization (COMP 3157) Maybe
MS Power BI Optimization (COMP 3156) Yes
MS PowerShell Scripting (COMP 3771) Maybe
Microsoft Excel Advanced (COMP 2362) No
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Development (COMP 4678) No
Microsoft SQL Server Administration (COMP 4677) No
Microsoft Windows Server Administration (COMP 3700) Maybe
Object Oriented Software Design (COMP 3832) No
Quality Assurance and Software Testing (COMP 3829) No
SAP Crystal Reports (COMP 2252) Maybe
SQL Server Analysis Services, SSAS (COMP 4681) No
SQL Server Reporting Services, SSRS for Business Intelligence (COMP 4679) No
Statistics for Data Analysis (MATH 1060) Maybe
Technical Presentations (XCOM 3840) Yes
UX/UI Development (COMP 1011) Maybe
Web Application Development with PHP (COMP 3015) Maybe
iOS Mobile Application Development (COMP 3912) No