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So, you’re thinking about entering trades, but you’re not too sure which one interests you most. In our Trades Discovery programs, you’ll get a chance to try your hand at up to 20 different trades taught at BCIT. Here’s a quick list of some of the specific activities you may get to try: installing hot water tanks, framing a small house, welding, wiring three-way switches, and working on mechanical systems in automobiles, aircraft, and heavy equipment. You won’t just be learning in the classroom or workshop. Trades Discovery programs also include two weeks of unpaid work experience so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to test out the new skills you’ve learned. After completing a 16-week programs Trades Discovery program, you’ll be in a good position to enter further trades/technical training at BCIT or to seek an apprenticeship with an employer.

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BCIT’s Discovery programs:

  1. Trades Discovery General
    Full-time      Associate Certificate
  2. Trades Discovery for Women
    Full-time      Associate Certificate