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Follow these steps to access our services:

  1. Apply or Register for BCIT program or course(s).
  2. Complete the Student Intake and Self-Assessment form [PDF] by either:
    1. Download, complete, and email Accessibility Services the Student Information and Self-Assessment Form OR
    2. Attend Accessibility Services in-person to fill out the Student Information and Self-Assessment Form
  3. Complete BCIT Medical form [PDF] or provide in-depth assessment report from your regulated health care professional that you received within the past 3 to 5 years. If you have different Doctors for different disabling conditions, please have each Doctor fill out a separate BCIT Medical Form. Submit your medical documentation along with Student Intake and Self-Assessment Form to Accessibility Services.
  4. Contact Accessibility Services after submission of the above to schedule an initial appointment with a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist.
  5. Meet with a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist (VRS) for an intake appointment. During this appointment, you and your VRS will review the documentation, determine how your disability impacts your studies, and discuss the accommodations BCIT may be able to provide. This is your opportunity to ask questions and get further clarification on the services and accommodations we provide. Your VRS will then be able to determine the appropriate accommodations for your Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP). This formal document outlines the accommodations you are entitled to access, however it does not disclose any information related to your disability or related limitations. A copy of the IAP is distributed to each instructor listed on your timetable.
  6. You may want to introduce yourself to your instructors and discuss with them the academic accommodations outlined by your IAP. Instructors are a very important part of the accommodation planning process so dialogue with them can assist to facilitate the process.
  7. Stay in touch with Accessibility Services and your Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist should you have any questions about your accommodations or experience any additional challenges.
  8. Update your Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP) each term by contacting your VRS before or at the beginning of each semester. Your VRS will need to know if there are any changes (e.g. course changes, updates to your personal information, challenges with specific course(s), etc.).

To allow sufficient time for assessment and implementation of accommodation requests, contact Accessibility Services in a timely manner. Wherever possible, requests for accommodation should be made before the time of acceptance to BCIT and six weeks before the start of any course or program for which accommodation is sought.

If a request for accommodation is for resources which are not regularly available at BCIT (such as interpreters, transcribers, alternate format textbooks, or adaptive technology) the request should be made at least four months before the start of the course or program.